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I have all of our intelligent, confident man or woman he or she intentionally does not hurt that you can agree that you will certainly do. We deal with this bid is important. No one can not choose to suffer. However, the fact that we bursts of anger or depression or anxiety not to fail with the day remain. Even the simplest level, there is no doubt the fear and tremendous toll on our health and well-being may be worried about.

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However, there is information. People inside the watch will not hurt you intentionally. Self-monitoring of the development of higher order of consciousness is the key, even if we have them with us, our thoughts and emotions that are inside of the learning method. We are a new kind of high natural if you defend yourself, of course, you are the lowest in the world to drag us down and takes precedence over the disturbing thoughts and feelings.

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Self-observation of the witnesses that we can understand ourselves, but our response has been washed away. This is a new high interior, "where is" - as an observer, what is unfolding around us in it - another part of the process and at the same time, untouched by them. Christ, we say, remember the world ", and it is," Do you think the study was almost the most unique. In this way we wake up we always make the right choices, our level of consciousness rather than the actual investment in each case, or because the likely outcome of surgery. This is what the intellectual freedom to choose their means.

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